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        Join us, along with our other fabulous stockists, in our mission of 'Changing the Way the World See's'.  Together we're making four eyes fabulous and we would love you to be a part of it and help us spread the word!  Become a Holtsee stockist ...your customers are going to love you for it!!!

        Why stock Holtsee reading glasses?


        Your customers will love them

        Fabulous readers that make your customers feel and look amazing.  Your customers will love how these make them feel and one pair won't be enough!  Check out what our customers are saying below, we have over 240 fantastic 5 star reviews!


        Funky, fun and fashionable

        Say good bye to boring readers! Holtsee is all about fabulous, funky frames that turn heads. These oversized readers are 'fashion for your face' and are designed to be noticed.


        We love working with you

        We love each and every one of our retailers and love working closely together. We nurture our retailer relationships, as you are core to the success of our fabulous reading glasses.

        The Holtsee Story

        and we are shouting from the rooftops for our customers to be brave, be bold, BE YOU!  No longer do you need to wear drab readers from the back of the drugstore.  We bring fabulous glasses to our customers at a price where they can afford to swap them like they do their costume jewellery.  

        We are two sisters originally from Brisbane (now one lives in Sydney) who both searched high and low, far and wide, to try and find readers that we liked! After failing miserably...we decided to do something about it and created our own beautiful label, ‘Holtsee’!Now, we both wear beautiful readers every single day and we are so excited that you and your customers can too! We are very passionate about our readers and are spreading the word...the #holtcult is here and we are making four eyes FABULOUS!!!! 

        “We want our beautiful customers to be able to swap their glasses depending on what they are wearing or how they are feeling.  We're saying goodbye to just having the bland one pair of glasses, that you wear with everything. We've made them so affordable so you can swap them and mix it up,  like you would change your earrings"
        Susie and Lynda Holt 

        You and your customers won't have seen reading glasses like these!

        check them out

        Choose Holtsee for your customers...
        life's too short to wear boring glasses

        Handmade by Holtsee

        Our fabulous stands are lovingly made by us here at Holtsee. Each piece is lasered, cut and put together, sanded and buffed...they are pieces of art themselves!

        All our stockists love their stands...

        Each stand has been specifically made for our Holtsee glasses.... so that our fabulous oversized glasses fit perfectly! 

        What our customers and stockists say

        Hi Lovely Ladies, the glasses are selling so well, I need to place another order.  I'm loving having them in store, except I want them all myself! Also, because they are selling so well here, we would  like to put them in our other store at Bungendore!

        Tiff N

        Hey lovely folk, We are loving having your glasses instore. They are selling extremely well, so we would love to place a top-up order.

        Gaudy & Prim

        These are my favourite of all the glasses I have purchased! I can't wait for some new designs to come out as I've puchased about 7 pairs so far and these ones are my very favourite! 

        Tanya H


        Join the Holtsee Tribe with....

        • fashion forward glasses - you will love them!
        • wooden instore Holtsee display stand - it's beautiful!
        • amazing customer service support -  truely fabulous!

        To become a retailer of Holtsee...

        We can't wait to hear from you, please email us at wholesale@holtseeaustralia.com  

        email us