The Reading Room

  • Caring for your Holtsee's

    Caring for your Holtsee's

    Our tips & tricks for showing your Holtsee's some TLC.

    You wouldn’t wear your favorite bespoke suit or go-to little black dress for days on end without making a trip to the dry cleaners, right?

  • Readers FAQ's

    Readers FAQ's

    So you think you need readers, but don't know where to start?

    This week on The Reading Room, we're answering the most commonly asked questions about readers! 

  • Styling Canberra 3 Ways

    Styling Canberra 3 Ways

    Here at Holtsee we believe you should change up your glasses like you change your undies! 

    Here's 3 ways we love styling our best-selling Canberra's. 

  • What We're Reading: June 2023

    What We're Reading: June 2023

    If you're looking for the Holtsee Girls you'll probably find them curled up somewhere with a good book and a hot cuppa. Here's our top picks for books we've been reading and loving lately! 
  • Prescription Perfection : Our Prescription Lenses

    Prescription Perfection : Our Prescription Lenses

    Here at Holtsee it's not just about the fabulous frames (although they are pretty great)...we only use the 'best of the best' and have teamed up with HOYA, who are the world leaders in lens technology.