Try at Home

Hello FABULOUS FIVE!  Five frames for five days...  How great is that!  We understand that when choosing your new frames it is a hard decision and you might want to try a few frames before you make your decision. There is nothing like actually having the frame in your hands to try them on, ask your friends and families and take some selfies. Then when you decide on one (or 2) that you love, just purchase it online and we will send you a new one with your prescription lenses, reading lenses or just the frame....then package up your 'fabulous five' and post them back to us.  For more info on our 'Try at Home' service check out FAQ here.  Have a browse and choose your 'Fabulous Five' from here.  Our 'Try at Home' service is free, however we charge $12.50 each way for postage and handling.
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