Prescription Perfection : Our Prescription Lenses

Prescription Perfection : Our Prescription Lenses


Here at Holtsee it's not just about the fabulous frames (although they are pretty great)...we only use the 'best of the best' and have teamed up with HOYA, who are the world leaders in lens technology.

We're all about knowing exactly where your lenses are from and protecting those peepers with the best there is! 

Our lenses come with all the good stuff added

Scratch Resistant Coating - No one likes scratches and this coating helps reduce them! Our Hoya Diamond Coating Finish is 5 times more resistant to scratching than competitor lenses. Wow!
Anti-Reflective Coating - This coating does double duty: It eases eye strain by reducing reflections and eliminates glare from your lenses.
Hydrophobic - Hydrophobic” is something that does not like water. Our lenses repel moisture to help prevent smudging and makes them easy to clean. (yay...we all hate smudges!)

We've got your multifocal lenses covered too!

Our progressive lenses are amazing! Jam packed with loads of the latest advanced technology, these lenses provide great visual comfort allowing you to perform at your best during everyday activities and at every viewing distance. You will benefit from a natural transition to near-vision areas, for an instant focus on the many digital devices we use during our day.


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