"He's wearing Holtsee!"

"He's wearing Holtsee!"

 From Clark Kent to Elton John, we love men in specs!

One of the most common questions we get asked at Holtsee is "Which of your styles are most popular for men?".  And while we believe everyone can wear all of our frames and look absolutely fabulous, we're here to give you a little insight into our best-sellers for men's glasses! 


The Hobart's are one of our most versatile frames. Lightweight with that classic shape, these frames are slimmer without compromising on style We absolutely love David pictured here rocking our Burgundy Crystal colourway!

Shop Hobart here.



The Fremantle's are giving off serious 50's vibes and we are all about it! With a slightly wider frame, these glasses make a statement without veering into the world of chunky or oversize. Available in 5 different colourways, you'll be spoilt for choice! Luke is pictured looking amazing in his Blue Steel Fremantle's.

Shop Fremantle here.



Ah Canberra, how we love you. These frames are perfect for those looking for a more square shape. A little bit chunky but not too much, we really mean it when we say that the Canberra's look good on everybody. Henare is pictured here looking incredible in the Black colourway!

Shop Canberra here. 



Oh yeah baby...we're shouting this one from the top of the mountain, we love BATHURST! These 'wayfarer' style frames and super light, sturdy and easy to wear. Coming in five different colourways, pictured here is Chris wearing Blue Steel...fabulous!!

Shop Bathurst here.

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