Caring for your Holtsee's

Caring for your Holtsee's

If, like us, you're wearing your glasses all day every day, it's so important to keep them clean. Like anything you wear often, your glasses are exposed to a plethora of pollutants, dust, and general grunge. You wouldn’t wear your favorite bespoke suit or go-to little black dress for days on end without making a trip to the dry cleaners, right?

So...your babies need a bath, here's how! 

1. Clean hands is a must.  Give your hands a good wash with soap and water before you get cleaning - you don’t want to transfer any oil or grime from your skin to your lenses.

2. Bath time! Gently rinse your glasses (and lenses)  in lukewarm tap water.  Warm water is best for getting rid of the dust and dirt, but don’t let it get too hot or you can damage any coatings that are on your lenses.

3. Lather up those lenses. Place a tiny drop of dishwashing liquid on each lens. Rub the liquid with your fingers all over the lenses, inside and out.  You can also give the frames a good rub as well…especially the bits that touch your skin or hair like the nose area and the temples.

4. Rinse and repeat. Gently rinse the soap off. Make sure to rinse well and multiple times so there is no soapy residue left over.

5. Dry your glasses. Carefully dry off your frames and lenses with a clean microfibre cloth or a lint free towel. These kind of towels and cloth are great as they don’t leave behind any lint on your clean glasses and won't scratch the lenses.

So, now your Holtsee's are fresh and clean. What else?

We understand that your glasses can lead a pretty stressful life - living in the bottom of your handbag case-free, squished under couch cushions and hiding on top of our heads (we are guilty of this one too). That's life! So we make sure to perform rigorous tests on all our Holtsee glasses to ensure they are just as strong as they are fabulous. 

 Here's some things you can do day-to-day to ensure the longevity of your frames. 

When you're not wearing your Holtsee's, keep them in their case.  Whether it be your Holtsee case or a fabulous 'Holtster' Pouch, your glasses love to live in their home when they're not being worn. This doesn't just protect them from scratches and squashes, it also means you won't lose them! 

If you're always popping your glasses on and off, go for one of our Wooden Beaded Gumball Glasses Chains for the ultimate accessory rather than wearing them on your head.

Only clean your glasses with their specific cloth. We're all guilty of it - a swipe on a tshirt, tissue or scarf to clean your lenses. These materials aren't the best for making your lenses shine, and can actually scratch them in the process. 

Using the microfibre cloth that comes with your glasses is the best way to clean your lenses day-to-day and won't scratch them! A gentle swipe over both sides of the lenses does the trick.

Tighten those pins! Constantly opening and closing your glasses arms (and wearing them on your head) will mean that over time the pins in your frames might need a little tightening. This can be easily done at home with a small screwdriver or visit an eyewear store for a quick pin touch-up.


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