Readers FAQ's

Readers FAQ's

So you think you need aren't alone! Nearly 100% of people will eventually require a pair of reading glasses. As we age (especially after 40), we start to notice everything becomes a little blurry and text isn't as crystal clear as it once was.

Whether it be scrolling on your phone or reading a menu (cocktail anyone?!), a pair of Holtsee's will get you back to seeing your best (oh, and we'll take a Pina Colada!). 

How do readers work?

Essentially, reading glasses work like a magnifying glass, enlarging the text you are reading and making it easier for your eyes to focus on the words or objects up close. The beauty of Holtsee's are they also work by making you look frigging fabulous!!

What is reading strength?

Reading "strength" refers to the level of magnification in the lenses and is denoted by a "+" followed by a number and decimal. Our readers range through six strengths from a +1.00 to a +3.50 - the higher the number, the higher the magnification. The technical term for these strength levels is "diopters". 

If you just need a little help to get things in focus, you are probably on the lower end like a +1.00. If everything is a blurry mess, you might be at the higher end near +3.50. 

How do I know what reading strength I am?

Finding your strength is not a perfect science and there's a few ways to check which strength is best for you. 

If you'd like to test out a few strengths, you can pop into the chemist to try over-the-counter readers. Just try on a few different strengths while reading on your phone to get a better sense of what magnification you need. 

If you've tested several readers and found two pairs that help the most, choose the pair with the lower strength. It's better to have readers that are slightly too weak than too strong. 

Other methods of finding your reader strength include downloading an online reading chart or asking your Optometrist what reading strength you are during your yearly eye check-up! 

Will my strength change over time?

As you get older you will probably have to get stronger magnification, this is natural! It's just our eyes aging. Usually your first pair of readers will be a lower strength, and when you notice text becoming blurry again, you will have to up the strength. Again, you can always check what strength you need with your Optometrist, everyone should have their eyes checked every one or two years regardless of their age or overall health! 

 I know what strength I need, what next? 

Next is the fun part...choosing your frames! Whether you like larger "look at me" frames or more conservative (but equally as fabulous) smaller frames, we have something for every four-eyed fashionista!

Of course we never stop at just one pair. The best part of wearing readers is getting to swap them out like you would your costume jewellery and having a pair that suits every outfit. These frames are also fashion, baby! 

Shop our range of fabulous readers here.

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